3D Study Models with ARCH GRAPHIC 3D Printing Service in UAE save time and stand out of the crowd with amazing 3D printing architectural models that has never been so easy. Study models is a simple way that quickly materialize your ideas for presentation with single color models for urban design, housing, towers and villas etc...

Forget about Foam core, ARCH GRAPHIC 3D Printing Service company in Sharjah produces white architectural models in any format you may need for an improved representation or to showcase multiple alternatives on the initial phase of the project. With additive manufacturing, it is easy to 3D print the entire urban sections.

ARCH GRAPHIC 3D materials are strong and durable enough and can be easily transported and safely handled. The multi-color material is also a great alternative to represent the ideas and accelerate the design workflow.

Three-dimensional plans, cutaway drawings, city-scale models. Sculptor prints realistic scaled models of a wide range of sizes according to the promotional needs of your sales department, showroom or during a professional trade show. Thanks to the 3D printing technology in ARCH GRAPHIC 3D Prinitng UAE, it reduces the time it takes you to get your 3D models and become the next leader of the construction industry.

Below is just a small selection of our 3D Study Models