ARCH GRAPHIC 3D Printing service in UAE help you create amazing designs by 3D Printing Technology and bring them to life. Impossible Creations, models and create your 3D designs all in one process, means you only have to go to one place, saving your time and money.



3D Printed Mosque Model is one of our challenge projects, it is a traditional design style with harmony colors in a high precise and fine tune details that 3D printing technology can easily do it with a high quality result.

Model size is: (850 x 850 X 700 mm)



To build a Structure for High Tech Modern design Hanger and make it 3D Printable is a complicated work but in Arch Graphic nothing is Impossible. The final result for the whole model with a facade, ground texture and a smart Light System makes it look real.
This Model is mix of Creation with High tech and a unique 3D printing.

Model size is: (970 x 850 X 260 mm)


desert mall

3D Printed Architectural Model can reduce time and cost, Desert Mall was printed by PLA and special PETG Material which is near to the color and texture of Concrete. A Modern design needs an original color for the facade, and at the end you can see a nice combination of colors.
The interior Light system that is compatible with 3D Printed material and is safe without any heat.

Model size is: (1200 x 450 X 220 mm)



Every one of us want to own a Private Villa, and some like the modern style and other like the Unique Classic Style. Here you can find both styles and it is wonderful to see the villa in scale model before you built it that makes your dream comes true.

Classic Villa Model size is: (650 x 500 X 400 mm)
Modern Villa Model size is: (750 x 750 X 390 mm)


desert rose

Desert Rose is a modern House to be built in Desert, with a wide Glassed Facade for a great view, and a big terrace. we print it in many parts and assembled it together. 3D Printed Architecture scaled models can reduce the time and cost rather than traditional handmade methods.

Model size is: (442 x 382 X 283 mm)



Printing an Interior scaled model is a big challenge, not only by making the walls but also to print furniture that follow your design which is difficult. This model shows the great use for 3D printing in interior design.

Model size is: (900 x 450 X 150 mm)


country house

Country House is a 3D Printed model that shows the Exterior and Interior in one model with many
other features, the model also includes furniture.

Model size is: (970 x 850 X 260 mm)


classic bedroom

A new Challenge to make Interior 3D Printing Models in UAE by ARCH GRAPHIC, with a Fine Details, and Precise, Classic 3D Printed Interior Models for Bedroom, to show the Color Harmony and Capability of 3D printing in UAE,

Model size is: (330 x 370 X 150 mm)